6 Easy Website Design Tips

Creating a website design is an important decision that many small and large businesses make everyday. Organizations know that an effective website will grow leads and increase sales. By following a few easy design tips your website design can be an effective tool in the growth of your business.

1. Keep it as simple as possible

Visitors to your site should be able to follow the content and understand the purpose of your site very quickly. This can be accomplished by keeping the website creation as simple as possible. Never add too much information- excessive add-ons and website content will make your website unfriendly with SEO and will limit the amount of readers to your website. Remember that sometimes less is more.

2. Decide on and stick to a basic color scheme

Limit the amount of colors used when designing your website. This helps to give your site a professional look. Common color schemes for websites use colors such as red, blue, yellow, grey, and white.

If you have a logo, it’s best to stick to its color palette. It’s not wise to change the colors on every page of your website. Staying consistent helps the appearance of the site and may have an overall appealing look to visitors.

3. Provide a simple navigation system

If you have an interactive website design that offers more than 15 pages then a site map is vital because they advance web page navigation and also search engine optimization. This easy feature lets your web visitors find information on your website. Many good looking websites display their navigation systems on the left hand side or at the top of the website.

4. Use high quality photos and videos and limit special effects

Make sure images and videos are clear and created to the highest resolution possible. Try not to use too many graphics and logos that use heavy transitions such as spinning and glowing for example. Special effects can distract your visitors from the true purpose of your website and may take too long too download which may entice visitors to click away from your site.

5. Create Top-Notch Content

After you’ve ensured that your web design looks crisp and professional it is important that you make sure your web content is created to promote higher search engine rankings and large volumes of target visitors. Understanding your intended web audience will assist in setting the tone for your website content as well as your website layout.

6. Pay Attention to Page Length

Make sure the content on your page is of an appropriate length. Articles used on your website should range between 300-1000 words in order to retain the attention of your web visitors. All articles and wording should have clear headings and you should opt to use features such as bulleted lists will capture your visitor’s attention for a longer period of time.

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