Boosting Your 125cc Pit Bike’s Performance

There are several ways where you can acquire the maximum performance of your 125cc pit bike. Most motorcycle enthusiasts use several techniques when they break-in their new pit bike. Others just go with simple upgrades for their bike while hardcore racers do a maximum upgrade of their bike to take their bikes performance to maximum heights. This is a crucial step for professional racers so that they can compete against the ample power and speed of their opponent. Here are some simple and some major ways of boosting your 125cc pit bikes performance level.

When you want to acquire the maximum performance of your 125cc pit bike, then start at the beginning. After you purchase your bike it is very important that you break it in. This is so your bike will not easily break down after a few months of use and so that you can get your bikes maximum performance.

There are two ways of breaking in your bike. There’s the „Heat Cycling“ method where you put your bike in neutral gear and let your engine run idle for 10 minutes until your engine heats up. Then turn your engine off and let it cool then do it again for another 10 minutes. Do this three to four times then ride your bike and let your gas run out. After that fill her up again and you’re ready to go. The other one is breaking in your pit bike at the track. Before riding your bike onto the track, put it in neutral first and let it run idle for five minutes or until the engine heats up a bit. After that you can ride it on the track but go at a very slow pace. Increase your speed just a little bit after the first lap then a little bit more after the second lap. Then ride it until it runs out of gas, fill it up again and your bike is good to go.

Enthusiasts boost their 125cc pit bike’s performance by utilizing the break in techniques. Others however upgrade some parts of the bike just so they can add a little bit more horsepower to their bike. Some install air filters and others has a certain type of mix for their oil so that they can have a better burn at the engine.

Professional racers on the other hand already have a bike prepared for them that offers more than enough performance boost so that they are able to compete with their opponents on the track with ease. Their bikes already had a break in and already underwent a rigorous upgrade by their mechanic. Changing parts inside the bikes engine and upgrading parts that will boost the power of the vehicle. They would most likely install a bore up kit, change the oil with their own mixture, install better shock absorbers, change the carburetor, and install an air filter. These are considered as major upgrades but are also called competition grade bikes. Bikes that are suitable for professional pit bike racers.

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