Google AdWords – How to Setup Your Campaign So You Can Get the Most Traffic Possible

The biggest problem people have with not getting enough visitors to their sites from AdWords is usually tied to the fact that their campaigns are not setup right. In this article I want to show you how you can fix this so you can maximize your traffic.

Why Most People Never Get Any Traffic From Google AdWords…

The biggest frustration that people have is the fact that they have setup their campaigns but can’t seem to get visitors to their site.

Because of this frustration people will start jacking up their bid prices in hopes they can get visitors. Once you start doing this you are in danger of getting traffic that is unprofitable.

What happens next is these people will usually get a bunch of visitors and then run out of money and quit.

Here Is How To Structure Your Campaign So You Can Get Massive Amounts Of Traffic…

#1 – You have to make sure you only have one keyword in each ad group. If you do this you can be laser focused and match it to one ad.

This means you can tie your ad directly to your keyword and be extremely relevant to your market.

#2 – Make sure you separate out your Search Network & Content Network campaigns.

You want to make sure you don’t run them both together as you want to see how they perform separately.

#3 – Make sure you are only bidding on a few keywords when you are starting out.

You have to make sure you don’t use to many search terms as you need to get profitable on a few that make sense and then roll it out to the bigger terms later. Start small and then snowball your profits into more profits.

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