How to Get More Traffic From Google AdWords

One of the biggest problems that people have is getting more traffic from their AdWords advertising. Most people think the only way you can make this happen is by raising your bid prices. In this article I want to show you exactly what you can do to get more visitors to your site from AdWords in no time flat.

Secret #1:

The first thing you need to do is add in more keywords to your campaigns. The biggest problem that most people have is they don’t add in enough keywords to bid on. You have to realize that generally speaking – the more keywords you have the more money you are going to make.

Often times the difference between a market being profitable or losing money is your ability to get the right keywords and get enough of them. So make sure you have enough & are always adding in more all the time.

Secret #2:

Make sure you are split testing your ads so you can increase your click through rate. This is the next easiest thing you can do. You can write new ads and see which ones are beating the current ones. Then when you find a winner – test that one as well.

It is not hard to double or triple your click through rate by testing your ads. That means you can double your traffic!

So by increasing your keywords & adding in more of the best quality terms & by testing new versions of your ads, you should easily double your traffic if you know what you are doing.

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