Benefits of Data Science for Businesses

Today, modern businesses use tons of data that they collect from a number of sources. With the passage of time, data analysis and processing is rising in importance. Executives know that data science is an important industry. In this article, we are going to discuss some prominent benefits offered by data science. Read on to find out more.

1. Helps Make Better Decisions

A good data scientist is like a trustworthy strategic partner and advisor to the management. They can make sure that the staff can get the most out of their analytics capabilities. Besides, they communicate and showcase the value of the data for the improvement of the decision making process. It’s done through the measurement, tracking and noting down of different performance metrics.

2. Helps Improve Performance

The role of a data scientist is to examine and explore the data of the organization. This is done to recommend specific actions to improve performance, engage customers and increase profits. In other words, performance improvement is another great benefit of this branch of science.

3. Helps the Staff follow the Best Practices

Another responsibility of a data scientist is that they make sure that the staff knows the analytics product of the organization. Also, they showcase an effective use of the given system to get a deeper insight into the problems. As soon as the staff gets a better understanding of the product capabilities, they can shift their focus to deal with the challenges.

4. Identifying Opportunities

They interact with the existing analytics system to develop additional analytical algorithms and methods. Also, their job is to improve the value obtained from the data of the organization.

5. Helps Boost Progress through Data Analysis

The advent of data scientists has helped gather and analyze data from different channels and prevent the need to take risks. They create models with the help of current data that boosts progress. This is how organizations can decide on the methods that can give best results.

6. Helps Fight the Competitors

If you run a business, you can win half the battle with your competitors if you make the right decisions and implement the required changes. The second part is to find out how the decisions can have an impact on the organization. And this is the role played by data scientists.

7. Helps Identify the Target Audiences

Most companies have different sources of customer data. However, if the data can’t provide customer demographics, it will be of no use. Actually, the importance of data science depends upon its ability to offer insights into an organization. The idea is to find out more about the audience and customers.

Another benefit of data science is that it can help identify the primary groups with great precision through the analysis of data sources.


In short, data science can help add value to a business. It can help hire new candidates and help senior staff take the best decisions. Hopefully, now you know the benefits of data science. Hope this helps.

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How To Monitor Employee Performance Against Objectives

Research tells us that clear objectives with effective measures can improve performance by over 30%. In order to have ‚effective measures‘ we need to monitor performance against the objectives. Here’s how:

The key to effective monitoring is to identify a range of methods – so you can then choose the method that’s easiest to apply and most effective. Let’s begin with the easy part – monitoring quantifiable objectives. Here are some examples

Monitoring methods for quantifiable objectives

Sales reports
Deadlines met
Error reports
Accuracy reports
Budget forecasts
Widgets produced

These tend to be the monitoring methods most managers are comfortable with because they’re about what the employee does. It’s easy to see if your employee is achieving a sales target or submitting accurate work and these are great monitoring methods for the quantity, quality and time elements of the job

The difficulty arises when these are the only monitoring methods a manager uses because most jobs aren’t just about the ‚what‘, they’re also about ‚how‘ your employee’s do their job. About;

• how they work as a team member
• how they work with customers
• how they deal with problems
• how they deal with change

In short, their behaviors

If you only monitor the ‚what‘ of the job you will only be monitoring half of the job. And if you only monitor half of the job then possibly that’s the only half that the employee will feel it’s worth focusing on!

How to monitor behaviours

Here are three ways to monitor behaviors

1. Observation

Observation is taking a planned approach to watching your employee ‚in action‘. The idea is that you plan to observe the specific behaviours that you have described in your performance objectives. For example, if you have agreed that a performance objective for team work is ‚offering help to team members‘ and ‚contributing to team meetings‘ then those are the specific behaviours you plan to observe. So it’s about;

• looking at the performance objectives you’ve agreed that relate to behavioral elements of the job and then
• planning how you will observe those behaviours e.g. paying particular attention to the employee’s behaviour in the next team meeting

2. Report back

Report back is about your employee reporting back to you on their performance. This is a really useful technique where the employee is responsible for ‚evidencing ‚their performance against the objectives you’ve agreed

A good example would be if you had an agreed a performance objective from ‚effective time management‘ which included ‚takes action to manage interruptions‘. Then the employee would simply report back to you with some examples of when they had taken action to manage interruptions

3. Feedback

Feedback is about getting feedback from people on the employee’s performance. This could be from;

• customers
• suppliers
• team members
• other departments

It’s important that you only look for feedback;

a) As agreed between you and the employee and
b) Described in the performance objectives

For example, an objective related to ‚Client Servicing‘ is ‚Client feedback reflects a high level of satisfaction ‚. This is the feedback you and / or your employee would focus on collecting.

The key principle

The wider the range of methods you use, the more effective the monitoring will be because using a range of methods means you will gain a more balanced view of the employee’s performance. This means you can give the type of feedback that employee’s tell us they want more of, because they find it constructive and motivational, and which improves performance. And of course we know – ‚what get’s measured gets done‘ and it’s impossible to measure without monitoring!

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Affiliate Marketing Traffic Generation Strategies

Most of the times, Internet marketing beginners underestimate the real importance of sending direct and targeted site traffic to their merchant sites. This occurs because all the excitement of beginning a new affiliate marketing business.

Generating targeted traffic is the main job as an affiliate marketer, thus the only way of generating money by that scheme is by doing it on a consistent basis. If you analyze it, the merchant already did what is known as „heavy lifting“: create the products, provide marketing support tools and offer attractive commissions. Everything is ready for you, so you’re the main start of the movie now, you need to find the audience and convert them into customers.

So, now you are thinking about the steps are for getting that people, necessary to click your own affiliate links. Moreover, you don’t know if you’re capable of doing it. The good news is that, regardless of the background you have, I’ll provide you the successful formula for traffic generation. Here are the steps you need to take:

1) Defining and Researching Your Audience.

Identifying your target audience is crucial, if you don’t do this at the beginning, you’ll lose time and energy driving the wrong people to the wrong products, thus your affiliate sales numbers will suffer the same way. All you need to do is figure out what kind of products will give your audience the best value. This can be achieved by asking yourself the following questions:

a) Who are the best clients?

b) What are their emotional and physical details?

c) What is the „language“ they use? Intellectual or casual?

d) What’s the topic they enjoy talking about?

e) Who do they admire?

f) Have the brands and personalities a relationship?

By having the best answers of these questions and also knowing who you market is and what they want, you’ll have a better chance of matching these people to the products and services you are selling. Most likely, they’ll be interested in purchasing them.

2) Giving a main reason to people to visit your sites and pay attention to you.

All niches, even the small ones have competition, thus you need to offer people good reasons to devote some time to what you’re offering. Notice that it has to be something that differentiate you from other thousand of affiliates selling the same product. Maybe the style you use may appeal to others. There are affiliates, for example, that build a strong reputation by being empathetic and/or conversational to their audience, in a way it generates trust.

There are other, for example, that show deep knowledge of the niche they are promoting. One excellent way to work this way is by start a blog and provide valuable free content to your listeners.

Another very good strategy is by building your email list. This allows you to follow up with the people who visit your site. You establish a relationship with them. They will know, like, and trust you. Once you have a very good mailing list of interested subscribers, you can promote multiple relevant products, thus increasing your profits per visitor.

3) Delivering excellent content that generates results for your Audience.

It’s known that very good content is the foundation of a very successful affiliate marketing businesses, the reason of this is that it really highlights your very own personality and also knowledge of a niche. Anyway, in order to have it working, avoid repeating the same things other internet marketers do. The Internet is flooded with this information, thus it’s worthless if you repeat it again. Here are some tips that will help you:

a) Be Always honest: having a good reputation is definitely crucial, so that have long termed affiliate success. Make sure you avoid exaggeration. Promote the products that will really help your target audience.

b) Your content needs to add value to your audience, so don’t waste their time.

c) Good copy writing is very important, so don’t hesitate to explain in detail the features of the products you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing is for sure an excellent way to make money online, but it’s not the only way, make sure to research all the range of possibilities, in order to increase your income as a marketer.

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Major Activities Performed By a Digital Marketing Company

The traditional word „marketing“ is defined as a process of communication between the audience and the prospective company that is selling the products. This method was incorporated to aware customers about the product or services and to enrich their knowledge towards a particular brand in a positive demeanour.

The role of marketing agencies is to make customers realise the importance of the products and services and to make customer realise what is the best fit for their use. Nowadays, the term marketing can be replaced easily with digital marketing because everything nowadays can be accessed via network or internet.

A digital marketing company work with the same aim that of old and traditional marketers where their focus and way of doing an activity has changed a lot. They have to mind the online or web-based customers and have to prepare strategies that are helpful for them. Following are the few activities that are performed by these digital marketing services.

Analytics Data

All the efforts of positioning and planning the activities for the market are a waste if there is no study of tracking the right and wrong activities. There are various analytics studies available to ascertain how a particular website is performing online. This way, the SEO specialists and the webmasters can study the metrics carefully to devise a better way to rank a website. These professionals duly have the idea or knowledge of analytics.

SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

For a website to rank in top SERP’s, it is important to have the website or online business to be fully optimised. These professionals have the possible knowledge of the suitable SEO strategy or practices to be performed. They can help to rank a website in top results and can easily drive more and influential traffic to the website. They know how search engines like Google behave and can help businesses meet their shortcomings.

Strategy for Social Media

There are many people out there who are available on the internet and prefers internet as a tool to hire the best service or product from the market. These strategists have the profound knowledge about the various social handles like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter to help businesses easily understand what ways or tactics are right for the particular audience online.


The product or service is a waste if it is not reaching the vast audience across the globe. A digital marketing company will not only restrict to SEO or SMO but will also run the right online campaigns, will prepare the promotional banners and advertisements, will search for the right keywords or phrases often looked by the audiences and much more than that.

Adding to the above points, the digital marketing services are the trendsetters of today’s virtual world and have the thorough study of how customers behave and respond to in the world of digitalization.

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The Importance of SEO to Bloggers

Many bloggers today were having problems to make money online with their blogs. It is not because of their blog’s content and design, it is their traffic. We all know that our websites or blogs would be nothing without traffic. There are so many ways for us to get traffic with our blogs. One of the oldest and powerful traffic method that we use is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). First of all, why is it that SEO is important to all webmasters and bloggers?

Search Results: As bloggers, we need to be recognized by the search engines. It is important for us to optimize our blogs well. No matter what niche are you passionate about, you need to make sure that it gives value to our readers. As your visitors are searching for something in Google, it is important that your blog should be on the first page. It really depends on your chosen keyword, as long it is not really competitive.

Traffic: Websites and blogs are nothing without traffic. In order to get natural traffic from visitors, we need to optimize our blog very well. As bloggers, we must not stuff our content with numerous keywords. If we do, Google might penalize your website or blog. It is highly recommended that we build our links in a natural way. We can build links through articles, press releases, blog commenting, forum profiles and a lot more. The more links we have from relevant sources, the more we generate targeted visitors.

Relationships: We all know that relationships comes first. As you launch your first blog, it is important that you should increase relationships to your visitors. All you have to do is to set up an opt-in form to give them a freebie. We always love freebies right? Once your visitors are getting in to your list, you must give them a free gift. The more subscribers you have, the more you build good relationships with each other.

Revenue: As bloggers, we’re not only relying to give them free content or information. It is also important that our blogs should make money. There are various ways for us to make money with our blogs. We can put affiliate links within the content or place banners on the sidebar. Please take note that your visitors will also be your potential customers. As they click your affiliate link or banner and buys the product, you will get instant commission.

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Google AdWords Strategies That Will Work – The Easiest Way to Find a New Market With This Source

When it comes to making a lot of money online you are going to have to make sure you are in a market that will actually make you a lot of money. In this article I want to show you exactly how you can use Google AdWords to figure out which markets are going to work for you to make you a profit.

Why You Need To Use Google AdWords To Do Your Market Research…

When it comes to figuring out which market is going to work to make you the most amount of money you are always going to want to use Google AdWords to figure this out.

The reason is because you can get access to so much data that will help you out. You have to realize that if you are looking at a niche and see that there are lots of competitors in that niche, that is a good sign that you might have a good market on your hands that will potentially make you a lot of money.

You have to realize that if advertisers are spending money on Google to get visitors to their site they are probably making money. They wouldn’t be spending money on AdWords month after month if they were not making a profit.

So you have to realize that when you see people in your niche buying traffic, you want to make sure you watch what those advertisers are doing so you can better understand how they are making money.

The Easiest Way To Find A Market With Google AdWords.

Step #1 – You have to make sure you are focused on making sure site owners are buying advertising for more then a month.

It is great that a site owner is buying advertising in your market but you have to make sure they are spending money for more than a month. The reason that you have to make sure of this is because of the fact that you want to know if they are making a profit or not.

If they are spending money on AdWords for more then a month, the chances are pretty good that they are making a profit! If they spend money with Google for a week and quit, they are probably not making a profit.

Step #2 – Make sure they are selling expensive products to the visitors in their niche market.

You have to follow what they are doing and make sure they are selling expensive products to the people who are coming to their site. The reason that you need to make sure of this is because you want to be able to go into a market that is full of customers who will spend lots of money to get stuff from you. It is pretty hard to make a profit in a market if you can only sell $20 ebooks!

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Importance of Measuring Event Performance

Event managers are under considerable pressure to obtain metrics regarding their events and to ensure that they provide a return on investment. Being able to source these statistics and convert them into valuable information is something that many event managers struggle with. It can be difficult to know what to measure, how to measure it and then how to analyse the data.

The first stage in analysing an events performance is to understand why the event is being held in the first place. What are the goals and targets for the event? There are many reasons why companies host events:

· Build awareness of the company or product

· Generate sales

· Generate qualified sales leads

· Conduct market research

· To enter a new market

· To launch a new product or service

· To influence or build relationships with the press

· To educate or motivate partners and/or employees

· To help retain current customers

· To support the local community

It is a good idea to set one primary and one or two secondary objectives. Trying to set too many goals will dilute the main purpose of the event and will lead to mixed and confusing messages given to the delegates. Each event you hold may have different objectives, but it is important to understand exactly what this is, as without a clear objective you will not be able to identify and measure your event performance objectives.

Try and make your objectives and metrics as specific as possible. For example, if the primary objective is to create sales and the secondary objective is to generate qualified sales leads, some of the focused metrics will be:

· Revenue

· Number of transactions made

· Number of purchase orders received

· Expense to revenue ration (E:R)

· Return on investment ration (ROI)

· Number of new accounts/customers

· Volume of leads generated

· Quality of leads generated

Once you have identified the objectives and metrics, the next task is to obtain this information. This can be the hardest part of event performance analysis. It can be difficult to source this information, and difficult to convert it into valuable data.

Many event managers are turning to technology to help with this process. Event management software solutions aid event managers in the planning, management and analysis of events. They often come with build in reporting and analysis modules, making the measurement of event performance an easy task.

If generating leads is an important objective, event management software can help aid in the identification of lead quality and quantity. By understanding what makes a high quality lead, event managers can create tailored registration forms, capturing the delegate information that identifies poor and good quality opportunities.

Understanding the messaging that you’re conveying to delegates is also a key metric that should often be measured, but one that can be difficult to obtain. By utilising information that has been collected on the day or post event, managers will be able to improve future events as well as enhancing customer relations with delegates. Again, event management software can aid in this metric measurement. By providing a comprehensive feedback management tool managers are able to produce surveys which delegates can complete on the day, or which can be emailed out after the events. The results from online surveys can be automatically populated into the event management solution, ready for instant analysis.

Understanding delegates and their responses to the event will also help managers to accurately quality the event leads. Event management software will provide analysis tools which will enable managers to quickly drill down to the data held on the system. Providing customised reports as well as standard management information reports will illustrate how well attended events are, how well booked they are and how successful the programme was.

It is generally recommended that managers use 5% of their budget on event measurement and analysis. By investing in a total end to end event management software solution, mangers can ensure that accurate results of the events are consistently produced. Not only do event management software tools aid in the analysis of events, but they also make the planning, management and promotion of events easier, more efficient and far more cost effective.

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Guaranteed Website Traffic is Important For Your Business

Guaranteed website traffic is the most important part of any internet business. Without marketing web traffic your website business will not succeed. Traffic is essential to the life of a website. No visitors equals no sales. Website traffic is simply defined as the amount of people who visit your site. You may have the best site and content in the world, but without a considerable amount of traffic, your website is utterly useless.

Guaranteed website traffic is a graph of the number of people visiting your site. This is just a series of web pages that we visit with a web browser. Web traffic is something every webmaster wants and needs! It is essential to every business online. Without it, dotcoms will quickly die. It’s also an important factor in determining how effective your website is, how well it is performing, how many people find it useful and how many customers or sales it can generate. You may also want to know the traffic estimate if you are trying to make money by displaying advertising on your website.

Increasing guaranteed website traffic is the solution to success. Would you like to have thousands of potential customers looking at your website, ready to buy your product or service? Increase the number of inbound links to your site and if other sites around the Internet link to your site, this will increase your traffic. The direct boost is given because surfers who see your links may click through and visit your site.

Submitting to a directory is a vital part of the successful link building process. Remember, search engines frequently index directories as a source to locate new sites. Submit your site to over 1000 web directories, distribute press releases, circulate your content articles around the web and more! If you continue to do this on a regular basis you will differently see an increase in your guaranteed website traffic.

Website traffic ranking will determine where your site comes up in a search. Read on to find out how to increase guaranteed website traffic to your website. Promotion strategies are critically important to push for an increase in your target customers to your website. To grow a successful Internet business, you must first recognize the importance of Internet marketing and targeted site traffic. Analysis is one of the best ways to identify and dissect the traffic your website is receiving. By learning more about how people find your site, what they do when they get there and which pages lead to the highest conversions, only then will you fully understand which methods result in the best targeted website traffic.

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Data Science Opportunities

In every industry, data science is a game changer. With the digitization of processes, we can see immense increase in the amount of data. Therefore, data science tools and technology is deployed for higher productivity in different organizations. As a whole, this technology field offers a few great opportunities for analytics, machine learning, data mining and big data.

Since the role of businesses and service providers is to help solve problems, data science can help analyze a lot of data for quick and efficient resolution of problems. A few years ago, the engineered solutions were not able to offer these benefits.

Aside from this, the advent of ML algorithms and predictive analytics has enabled predictive maintenance in the industry. And the good thing is that we don’t see any signs of negative growth in the industry.

The world has been experiencing a lot of demand for the services of data scientists in a lot of fields. According to market researchers, the field may experience tons of growth down the road.

With the increased demand, new job seekers and talented pros are using their skills in this field. Besides, data technologies are giving birth to a lot of job opportunities for new professionals.

In India, for instance, the number of jobs are expected to hit 1.5 lack by the end of 2020. This is an increase of 62% compared to the previous year, says a report released by Great Learning. In this sector, around 70% job posts are allotted for data scientists who have less than 5 years of experience.

According to the co-founder of Great Learning, Hari Krishnan, organizations across different domains adopt new technologies to sustain their relevance and competitiveness in the market.

Since tons of data is being generated, more and more professionals are needed to get actionable insights for better business decisions. So, the good news is that the demand for more and more professionals is on the rise in India.

As a result, professionals are joining this field in order to upgrade their skills and meet the industry needs. The year 2020 is going to see a great increase in the number of data scientists.

Aside from this, sectors that are offering an increasing number of these jobs include retail, media, ecommerce, healthcare, energy, and BFSI. The average salaries are up to 14 LPA.

Great Learning also described that these sectors are facing a big problem, which is the shortage of skilled professionals. According to a research study, around 97,000 job posts related to data and analytics were vacant because of the shortage of qualified talent.

According to experts, the advantages offered by data science jobs encourage young talents to be part of the league for fostering the advancements down the road. Besides, the report also presents a lot of career paths for data science professionals, business intelligence developers, data engineers, data analysts and scientists.

In short, this is how data science offers a lot of opportunities for businesses across the globe.

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5 Ways to Build Website Traffic

Hopefully you have been checking the traffic – visitors to your website and reviewing how many people visit the site, are they first time or return visitors, what page do they look at and are they selecting an action on the website such as filling out a form, signing up for your newsletter, buying something or requesting information.

Do you want to build more traffic and get more visitors to your website? Here are 5 methods you can use to drive traffic.

Website Keywords and Search Engines. Look at your website and check if the „title“ „description“ and „keywords“ meta tags are added to your website pages. These are important in making sure your website is indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo. In the text of your page – especially your home page – use the words that best describe you and the needs of your target audience as part of the body text. After all this is done – register the site with Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. All these have free submission forms but there is no guarantee how long it will take. Keep reviewing your statistics and you will see when you start getting traffic from search engines. Look at the keywords people are using to find your site and refine these keywords on your pages.

Email Newsletters and Announcements. Tell the people on your list(s) about your website and what they can find there and why they should visit. Add a signup form on the site and some incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter. Your newsletter and announcements will really build your RETURN visits to the website. Remember that people may visit thousands of websites and even if they like you on their first visit – they need to be reminded to return.

Links. Links from other websites to you build credibility and also improve your position in the search engines. These are called in-bound links. If you have a resource or links page on your site – you can link out to useful sites – and then contact the other website owner and ask them to link to you. If you have affiliates, partners, sponsors, or other relationships – send them the link to your website, your logo and a key phrase and ask if they will add your link to their website.

Signature File. Add your website address to your email signature file. Make this also an organization policy and have everyone create a standard signature file that includes the website link. Include the website address also in any paper correspondence, flyers, brochures, advertisements, articles and PR and of course your business card.

Online Social Networks. Create your own presence on the large social networking sites such as Facebook page and group and LinkedIN. Participate in the groups and discussion forums and include your website as part of your profile.

Using these methods you can increase the traffic to your website – but do remember that your website must be engaging and interesting to the person and have some appropriate calls to action – or your efforts will bring traffic but not help you in achieving your objectives.

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