Performance Anxiety For Swingers

Whether you are a swinger or not, it is normal for guys to wonder about their sexual performance. We all want to be good at sex and to be confident that we are giving the ladies maximum pleasure. I am sure I am not alone when I say that I am conscious of my performance whenever I have sex. Not to the point that I am so focussed on that and that I forget about concentrating on the lady I am playing with, but it is in the back of my mind that I want to leave her with a smile on her face after we have finished playing.

A lot of this is in the head and not necessarily caused by something physical. One big key to help you to overcome any form of performance anxiety is to remember is that if you are in a swinging scenario then the lady is obviously into you and likes you enough to allow you to play with her. She has accepted you for who and what you are and wants to take things further with you. So that should give you enough reason to grow in confidence and be able to relax knowing that she is actually into you and is looking forward to continuing. So don’t over think what is happening and what you are doing.

If you are in a swinging situation, swap in a location that is most comfortable for you. Whether it is someone’s house or some other private location where you won’t have to worry about others around who may be watching you. If you are at a swinger’s resort or a swinger’s party where there is sex happening left right and centre then this may also increase your anxiety levels. If you have been with this person before and you are feeling comfortable with her, then you may want to get into the more adventurous scenarios such as having sex in front of others eventually, but don’t just jump straight into the public setting if you think it will add to your performance anxiety.

As much as we would all love to stay hard and erect all night long, we need to accept the facts that guys just cannot keep an erection going for hours and hours on end. Well – there may be a very lucky few who can! We all wish that we could do that but unfortunately that is not going to happen. You want the experience to last so just pace yourself through the encounter and take things slowly. If you are with someone new for the first time then try to get to know her and play the game of trying to work out what she likes and doesn’t like. Use your arsenal of oral and manual tricks and skills and see which ones are working out to be most effective. Treat that as part of the game and the fun of the experience.

Here is a big tip for you guys – go easy on the alcohol! By all means have a drink or 2 to help you to calm those nerves, but stay in control. There are countless stories and occasions of guys who have been unable to perform properly because they had a limp dick due to the excess alcohol. Don’t let the drink be the cause of your poor performance and subsequent apologies!

So there are a few words of wisdom to help you deal with the performance anxiety that we all encounter at some point in our lives.

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