Should You Choose Free Or Paid Content For the Web?

Did you know there’s free content for web available to the public online? That’s right. It’s available in hundreds of categories and by hundreds of authors. All free, all available to the public. Choose your own categories and get just about any kind of content you want. However, along the way there are some cons to this free content. Some catches, if you will.

If you use this free content, you must credit the authors. You can’t say you wrote it. That’s the catch. So if Johnny wanted to make a website selling his custom made skis, and wanted to put the free article Sue wrote on „Benefits of Skiing“ for his homepage, he’d have to credit Sue. The visitor now wants to know about Sue. Why isn’t she selling the skis? Why is Johnny using her article? On an even further note, are they perhaps related?

That’s what a typical visitor will think when they find out you’re using free content. Now, the only use this free content could offer is if you have a huge content site. For instance, my company writes for a few sites that have hundreds of how-to articles that link back to products. Some of these articles were created from free content online. However, even though they could just get everything from free articles, they’d rather pay us to create these articles.

So, why should you choose paid content for web? When you can get free content for web online for your homepage, website, blog or content niches?

You can call it yours. You pay the writer; the writer in effect sells you the copyright. It’s yours now. You don’t have to sell your skis with an article written by Sue. That is your personalized home page content. Choose to credit the author you paid only if you want; it’s not necessary.

Paid content is highly targeted content. Did you know on the average web page, visitors spend time reading only 20% of your content? They want to get the point of who you are right away. In fact, they don’t even read, they scan. If you can impress them right away, it’s worth the money you’re paying for that content. That’s a onetime fee; the benefits are reoccurring.

Reputation. This is a big one. If customers, clients, or even visitors know you’re using free content, they’re not going to stick around to see your products. They’re going to link free content to a lack of money and then think that leads to a lack of quality in products. Which it just might, if you can’t afford web content.

In the end, you have to ask yourself just how much your website, products, services or content itself is worth to you.

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