Social Bookmarking Mistake – Search Engines Rank Pages, Not Sites

You just spent the last few weeks creating an entirely new website and product. You took the time to create hundreds of pages, create tons of graphics and tweaked everything until you got it just right. You even took the time to write additional unique content for social networking sites. but then you made one pretty important mistake.

You bookmarked your homepage. Ok, so bookmarking your homepage is not the mistake, but if you stop there then you are making a big one indeed.

You see, search engines, particularly Google, rank „PAGES“ not entire sites.

Sure we have all heard of the Google PR issues and how they can pass upwards from one page to another, but the truth is every single page has its very own rank. Some pages will be a zero, others will be a 2 or a 4, or if your lucky a 6 on the Google pr scale. But you have noticed that not every page ranks well.

That’s because most people have a tendency to bookmark or link to just their homepage. Sure Google bot can find your pages with a site map, but heck, I build sites for the reader not the Google bot. The more pages that you bookmark the better off each page will be, both for your reader and for Google. In turn, the more rank your pages and sub-pages get, the better your site itself will likely rank.

While taking the time to social bookmark every single page you offer may take some time, and there is software available to make it simpler, it is well worth the effort. Especially if you have already done all the hard stuff like creating the site to begin with. Just take your time with it if you need to. Bookmark a page or two every day and make sure to get your friends to do it as well.

More bookmarks means more exposure. You want to spread the link love around to all the pages of your sites. You never know when one of them just might actually get ranked on the first page for some relatively obscure keyword phrase. If you don’t take the time to promote all of your pages, then you are missing out on a ton of extra potential traffic to your websites.

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