The Importance of SEO to Bloggers

Many bloggers today were having problems to make money online with their blogs. It is not because of their blog’s content and design, it is their traffic. We all know that our websites or blogs would be nothing without traffic. There are so many ways for us to get traffic with our blogs. One of the oldest and powerful traffic method that we use is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). First of all, why is it that SEO is important to all webmasters and bloggers?

Search Results: As bloggers, we need to be recognized by the search engines. It is important for us to optimize our blogs well. No matter what niche are you passionate about, you need to make sure that it gives value to our readers. As your visitors are searching for something in Google, it is important that your blog should be on the first page. It really depends on your chosen keyword, as long it is not really competitive.

Traffic: Websites and blogs are nothing without traffic. In order to get natural traffic from visitors, we need to optimize our blog very well. As bloggers, we must not stuff our content with numerous keywords. If we do, Google might penalize your website or blog. It is highly recommended that we build our links in a natural way. We can build links through articles, press releases, blog commenting, forum profiles and a lot more. The more links we have from relevant sources, the more we generate targeted visitors.

Relationships: We all know that relationships comes first. As you launch your first blog, it is important that you should increase relationships to your visitors. All you have to do is to set up an opt-in form to give them a freebie. We always love freebies right? Once your visitors are getting in to your list, you must give them a free gift. The more subscribers you have, the more you build good relationships with each other.

Revenue: As bloggers, we’re not only relying to give them free content or information. It is also important that our blogs should make money. There are various ways for us to make money with our blogs. We can put affiliate links within the content or place banners on the sidebar. Please take note that your visitors will also be your potential customers. As they click your affiliate link or banner and buys the product, you will get instant commission.

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