Unbelievable Marketing – NOT

Marketing Whoopers

We all make mistakes, and no matter how careful we are, they are always going to happen. But if we are spending money to portray our image, here are a few tips of what not to do.

Contact Info – if you forget to provide your contact information you will have to have a brilliant campaign to make your potential customer open the Yellow Pages to find your contacts. According to the consulting firm, BIA Kelsey, 60% of small to medium businesses do not show their phone numbers on their websites. Display the phone number and email in a prominent place accessible from or on the homepage.

I live in Belgium and it used to drive me crazy trying to find the phone numbers on the websites of the large utilities and phone companies. If I can avoid calling and waiting on the line for a real person to talk to, I any day prefer sorting out my problems with a few lines on websites‘ contact us pages. Sometimes, you have to speak to somebody and I literally has to open the Yellow Pages to find a phone number!

Too Complicated – your marketing should be able to deliver an understandable message to potential customers. KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid. Show why your product is great, how to buy it and why it is the best in the market. to give you an example, I recently saw a GoogleAd for a sophisticated email tool which from the 10 words in the ad, looked like it might be relavant for my business. But I did not understand what it was doing from their website. It took them 30 minutes to explain it to me on the phone.

Everybody’s Doing It – is not a good reason for you to do it. It used to be Flash technology then a marketing guru says you need an informational video so you make one as well. What works for your competitor does not necessarily work for you. Think twice before you spend to keep up with the Joneses.

Keep Everything Up-to-date – It is true, some online retailers do not accept credit cards, only checks or cash. Others have their old office address from which they moved a few years ago. One website of a software company displayed two member of its support team who had left 12 months earlier. Do not use old company letterheads

The Real World – do not give up on your printed and other media advertising. People are still exposed to regular billboard, brochures and magazine ads and without them your image could be lacking.

Marketing Comes 1st – WRONG. Your products or services come first. If your customers are disappointed, then they will tell other potential customers, no matter how good the marketing is. It costs seven times more to bring back a disappointed customers than to retain one.

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