What Questions Can I Ask My Website Designer?

What is a Domain Name and why do I need it?

A Domain Name is the unique www web address that visitors type to get to your website. Think of it in the same sense as your physical address and that in the same way they find your house, they use your domain to find your website. An example is my own website, to find it people need to type in my domain name to find it. It is mandatory to have a domain name.

Can I have any Domain Name?

A Domain Name must be available and not taken or registered by anyone else for you to have it.

Who owns the Domain Name?

After you register the domain name of your choice from ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the people responsible for registering all domain names on the Internet, you will own this for the stipulated length of time as per your registration contract.

What is Hosting, and what do I get?

All websites require hosting, it is a bit like paying rent for your house except this time you are paying someone to have their computer on 24/7 and for you to store your website files on it so they can be accessed worldwide at anytime by anyone visiting your website. This is called a hosting server, you could do this yourself but it would mean leaving your PC on all the time and always connected to the Internet. Not worth it for the average person due to time and costs from your ISP and power companies. Let the experts do the website hosting for you for pennies a day.

Other Relevant Questions

How long will it take for my Website to go live?

If you use DIY website design it will be as quick as you can make it since you will take full control of this process. If you arrange for a bespoke website design plan your website designer will need you to provide all the relevant materials quickly (logos, content, contact details, sales copy etc) so they can put all these together ASAP and have your website ready and live in a few days.

What kind of support do I get afterwards?

Should you have any issues, queries or problems you need to know what sort of support you can reasonably expect to get. Are they available to help at all times or only working hours? Can you email or call them when you need to?

What length of Contract would I have to commit to?

Do they tie you in for any set periods?

What guarantee is available for any services you buy? Is it money back and for how long?

If you already have a Website which needs updating, can they help?

Are they a website doctor? Can they redesign your Website? Does this save you on the costs by simply fixing what’s already there?

Will your Website be ‚Search Engine‘ friendly and show up in the search engines?

If you are a small one man business and would like to do better in your local area. Can they help or will bypass you in favour of bigger clients?

Are there any hidden costs?

Can you have an area of your website reserved for customers only?

Can you have an autoresponder to capture website visitors‘ details?

Who owns the Copyright?

Will all your intellectual property and other assets and trademarks remain intact?

How would you update my Website?

Most websites come with CMS or content management system as standard these days. Will they show/train you how to use this so you can take control and change or update your website when you want to? This saves you time and money.

What if you are not an expert with computers?

If you can use Microsoft Word you can operate most CMS systems make sure you are clear about this before being hit with maintenance bills.

Can you get email with your Website?

All websites come with mailboxes for you and your staff and in some cases you can have an unlimited number of email mailboxes for your website. Be clear about this.

Can you forward my email to Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail?

This can be arrange for email forwarding for you using the control panel that comes with your website. Ask your provider about this.

Can I see how many visitors my Website gets?

They should provide you with a stats program of some sort. If not ask to get Google analytics hooked up to your website.

What will a Website cost me?

Make sure you agree all costs upfront and avoid nasty surprises down the line.

Do you display ‚banners‘ or ‚pop-up ads‘ on my Website and share in my website revenue?

Some website designers do this. Make sure you are clear on this one and every other point in this article.

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